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  1. Link the needs and the training offer.

    The training offer related to underground environments, like the approaches and actors involved, remains relatively scarce and segmented between university establishments, sports federations, initial training establishments, engineering schools or training modules initiated by the professional organizations. Few are the links between the audiences, the experiences between the different offers.

    The ambition of IFREEMIS is therefore to allow the expression of training needs, to bring them together in order to favor the construction of adapted responses, complementary to the existing offer, within the network of training organizations members of the platform.

  2. Develop a catalog of the training offer

    Firstly, the objective is the construction of a catalog of the training offered by the members of the IFREEMIS platform, whether it is a diploma or a qualification, initial or continuous, thus making it possible to give visibility to the ‘existing’. This catalog will be gradually enriched.

    Consult the catalog

  3. Identify the needs of training

    It will be a question here of completing the identification of training needs undertaken by different members of the platform (ANECAT with managers of touristIC cavities, FFS / SNPSC and National Pole Resources of Nature Sports with caving practitioners). This survey work should be conducted in the year 2020. The results will be posted on this site.

  4. Testing a complementary offer

    The creation of an additional training offer is currently under consideration, worked collaboratively within the thematic “training” commission of IFREEMIS. It is initially orientated on the one hand towards the creation of an Inter-University Diploma on the management and enhancement of underground environments and natural cavities, and on the other hand on the organization of technical initiation modules and learning rope progression techniques.

In project : 

  1. Creation of an Inter-University Diploma : « Management and valorization of the underground environments and natural caves. »

    It is a training course for guides and managers of touristic cavities, supervisors and sports instructors, organizers and managers of protected natural areas, project managers operating in karst areas. Prerequisites : bac + 2 or equivalent and/ or experience in the field of caves and underground environments – APEPL possible.

    It will be made up of a common core (2 weeks, 70.00 hrs) and 2 specialties (2 weeks, 70.00 hrs) each i.e. 140.00 hrs (4 weeks) for a course with 1 specialty, 210 hrs (6 weeks) for the 2 specialties. It will allow the delivery by the 2 partner universities (Savoie Mont Blanc University, Grenoble Alpes University) of a university degree. The I.U.D can be followed over one year (1 specialty) or over 2 years (2 specialties).

    The core curriculum aims to appropriate knowledge of underground environments and their links with the outside (environment, uses, environments) and to become familiar with the challenges of assessing the heritage values of karsts and underground environments, of mediation underground environments and karst landscapes.

    It will be supplemented by 2 specialties, one on tourism development, mediation and interpretation of underground and karst landscapes (mediation, product design, thematic visits, use of digital tools, etc.), the other on conservation and management of underground environments and heritage (assessment of the heritage value, management and development of spaces and environments in their territorial context, specificity of their management in protected areas, preservation of biodiversity and archaeological goods in a context of global change, management and protection of karst waters, resources and underground heritage).

    The follow-up of the different modules can be done independently.

    The follow-up of the entire course should allow obtaining the university diploma.

    Provisional calendar : implementation of the 1st modules in 2020. Creation of the U.D 2021.

    Download the presentation sheet

  2. Implementation of “rope progression” training modules

    Organized on 2 levels : “initiation” and “improvement”, this training is mainly intended for agents of structures managing protected natural areas or touristic caves, students and teachers of higher education, researchers, technicians of design offices.

    It aims to initiate progression techniques on ropes to enable them, under the responsibility of a competent person, to evolve safely in the exploration of a cavity or a cliff.

    These modules of 24 hours each (3 days), carried within IFREEMIS by CREPS Auvergne Rhône Alpes and the French Federation of Speleology, will be implemented during 2020.

    Download the presentation sheet la fiche de présentation

  3. Test new mediation approaches, improve the professional trajectories of mediators in an underground environment.

    European project (France, Italy, Spain) associating 3 universities and the national associations of managers of touristic cavities, consisting in drawing up an inventory of practices and needs in mediation in the caves fitted out for tourism and working to improve professional trajectories of mediators through the establishment of a co-training cycle, the creation of open online training tools and the experimentation of a device for experimentation and educational training in the cave.

    Consult the project MED3CAVES