NSA of Beaume and Drobie Valleys

Classification : Sensitive Natural Area, Natura 2000, ZNIEFF1, ZNIEFF2

Managing Organization : The Public Territorial Establishment of the Ardèche drainage basin

Presentation :

At the interface between the Cévennes vivaroises and the Lower Ardèche, at the crossroads of various climatic influences and in a contrasting geological and topographic context, this territory shelters a natural heritage whose interest is linked as much to diversity as to the quality of natural habitats and present species.

The site concerns the rivers of Beaume, Drobie and some of their tributaries.

Drainage basins are included in the perimeter of the Natura 2000 site.

The conservation issues in place generate strong responsibility for the regional and national biological heritage, both in terms of habitat and the habitat of species. The major habitats linked to the river are generally in a good state of conservation. The specific geological and topographic context, the (current) absence of disturbance and notable human development (outside the summer period) are the main explanations and give these habitats a strong capacity for resilience. This geography also allows many species of national or supranational interest to benefit from optimal biological conditions. The return of the Otter to this drainage basin, the presence of the splendid Cordulia, a dragonfly of community interest, as well as the remarkable populations of White-footed Crayfish and Chiropterans testify to the excellent welcoming capacity of the site.

Scientific or educational interests :

  • The distribution of different groups of animals (mammals, amphibians, insects, fish, birds …) and their biology;
  • The link between habitats and species;
  • Old forests and the link between senescent trees and biodiversity;
  • The impact of touristic frequentation
  • Cévennes episodes

Thematic keywords : biology, botany, ecology, entomology, study of fauna, geology, hydrology, impact of touristic attendance.

Site typology Keywords : Landscapes, forests, river, riparian forest, aquatic environments.

Access modalities :

Possible support : The Natura 2000 and NSA project manager for the site can make herself available to support a person responsible for training for a field visit or to provide details concerning the site and its biodiversity challenges (habitats and species).

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