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The Ardèche territory undeniably presents a great interest and a significant potential in terms of studies, having regard to the resources, expertise and knowhow which it can take advantage of, and this in fields and according to various typologies :

  • natural in the first place with the wealth and the geological and biological diversity of its preserved environments, the presence of remarkable landscapes, archaeological sites with rich potential and numerous areas of enhancement, supports for scientific or heritage mediation, training and research,
  • environmental and heritage with the involvement of a certain number of territorial actors and the work carried out by the managers of natural areas to improve knowledge and protection of the sites and territories under their responsibility,
  • scientists, more particularly through the presence of several research laboratories in fields as varied as cave art, archeology, hydrology, geology, etc…
  • territorial with the experience of the Grand Projet Chauvet – Pont d’Arc, the “World Heritage” management plan approach, with the labels Grands Sites de France or World Geopark, which constitute a national and international showcase, as well as a recognised and interesting experience of local development based on the touristic appreciation of natural or cultural heritage

The objective is therefore to strengthen the links between the territory, higher education and scientific research and to better position the Ardèche as a learning territory, a destination for field activities for research and training and to promote wealth of natural sites and local players in the area.

IFREEMIS launched, at the beginning of 2020, an integrated hosting offer for higher education or research organizations, from the different remarkable natural areas of the territory and in partnership with the departmental tourism agency and site managers.

Do you want to organize a field module, training, residence ?

IFREEMIS is able to help and facilitate the organization of this project :

  • by organizing, if you wish, the logistical conditions on site for this stay (accommodation, catering, work premises, transport)
  • by identifying the natural sites or mediations likely to correspond to your fields of study and by setting up, if necessary, the terms of on-site support
  • by organizing possible meetings with other experts, other territorial actors with know-how or a specific approach to the sites, their challenges in terms of knowledge, preservation, management or enhancement.

Would you like to take advantage of this service offer ? Click on the link below to express your needs and we will get back to you shortly.