Progress on rope level 1 (module under development)

Under the responsibility of a competent person, you can explore a cavity or a cliff on simple obstacles.

Targeted skills :
Name, position and adjust the individual equipment necessary to progress underground. Progress on varied situations (climbing, de-climbing). Identify a handrail and know how to move safely on it. Move on ropes when climbing and descending : identify a wellhead, put my descender and descend a small vertical, stop on a rope with a descender, cross a deviation on both the descent and the climb, cross a simple splitting on the descent as on the climb. Manage my emotions related to progress techniques. Respect the environment in which I progress.

Targeted audience :
Agents of structures managing protected natural areas or touristic caves, students, higher education teachers, researchers, technicians from design offices.

Terms of Access :
Sports practice desired

Contacts :

Judicaël Arnaud – Ardeche Speleology Departmental Commitee : – 0033/(0)

Vincent Rouyer – CREPS Auvergne Rhône-Alpes: – 0033/(0)