Master Geography (M1, M2) – M2 Geographies, Man-environment areas, resources (GEOSPHERES)

Training focused on the place of research in the definition of environmental, sociocultural and territorial responses adapted to the context of current global change (climatic, economic, uses, etc.). It is part of a global approach to the current problems of knowledge of geosystems (mountain, karst, rural …) of integrated management and reasoned development. Anchored in the interdisciplinary synergies between environmental and territorial research/engineering, the course offers around thirty modules on current research concepts and on tools for acquiring and processing spatial data.

Duration : 1 year including an internship of 4 to 6 months in the EDYTEM laboratory

Access conditions : Master 1 in geography, environmental sciences, geosciences, human and social sciences, engineers in 3rd year of Ecole des Mines, continuing education (after validation of prior learning).

Access terms : BA, APEL, APEPL