Inter-university Diploma (under development) Management and valorization of underground environments and natural cavities

Place : Ardèche

Duration: 140 hrs (common core + 1 specialty),
210h (core course + 2 specialties)
Core : 2 blocks of skills of 5 days each

Specialties : 2 skill blocks of 5 days each per specialty

Frequency : Annual. Launch of the training in 2021. Possibility of doing it over 2 years (especially with the aim of following the 2 specialties)

Objectives : complete your knowledge of underground environments and learn how to use them to improve conservation, management practices and methods of developing underground environments and heritage.

Core curriculum : appropriating knowledge of underground environments and their links with the outside (environment, uses, development), becoming familiar with the issues of heritage value assessment, management and development, mediation of underground environments and karst landscapes.

Specialties :

  • « Tourism, mediation and interpretation of underground and karst landscapes ».
  • « Conservation and management of underground environments and heritage ».

Targeted audience :
Agents of structures managing protected natural areas or touristic caves, supervisors and sports monitors, consultants and design offices dealing with underground environments.

Terms of Access :
Bac + 2 or equivalent and / or experience in the field of caves and underground environments – APEPL possible for candidates holding the bac (ALevel).