Cave Lighting

Cave Lighting

Based in Herborn (Hesse, Germany), Cave Lighting was born from the project « Cave Lighting TM », created by Germtec GmbH&Co.KG.

The company and the project were set up by the two directors Siarhei Krasko and Alexander Chrapko in 2006. Cave Lighting CL has been a separate company since early 2016.

The main aim of the project is and will always be to highlight underground objects using modern techniques and technologies. The SMART LED construction not only helps fight light pollution on the flora, but also offers more aesthetics to visitors.

Our main activities currently include the installation of outdoor LED lighting systems (architectural complexes, historical monuments, parks and tunnels…).

We are a medium-sized company specialized in the field of LED lighting. We are proud to count among our partners many companies and organizations such as Jofre Labortechnic, IKH, ISCA, UIS, VDHK, Christen Visual Gestaltung, HESA Engineering Office and many others.

Over the past thirteen years, Cave Lighting has been fortunate to be able to gain a lot of experience and thus continuously improve.

What sets us apart from the competition is the high quality of our products, a strong focus on the costumer approach and a lot of flexibility to meet with our costumers’ requirements.

Today, more than 70 projects around the world bear witness to the quality and durability of Cave Lighting CL’s products and services. We are particularly proud of the comprehensiveness of our service : costumer service, installation and costumer support once the project is finalized.

Originally, we only offered the installation and maintenance of LED lightning systems in mines and tourist caves.

Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co. KGHohe Strasse 700 Geb. 735745 Herborn - Germany

Téléphone:+49 (0)2772 575218